Although truck drivers have an obligation to keep everyone nearby them safe while transporting goods nationwide, they sometimes become reckless and make errors. Horrific truck accidents are typically the cause of truck driver negligence, which can occur for several reasons. Most typically, it is because the truck driver violated a company code or FMCSA policy. When you’ve been in a scary truck accident, you may be dealing with incredibly expensive medical bills and lost wages due to time off from work. With the help of your truck driver accident attorney, you can get guidance on how to go up against the trucking company and their insurer. It can be intimidating to hold another party liable without the knowledge or experience, which is why we can help! Contact The Law Offices of Rosenstock and Azran for a free consultation today in Encino, CA. 

What Are Some Forms Of Truck Driver Negligence?

Truck drivers may make mistakes while delivering on their route, which can include any of the following: 

Prescription Drug And Substance Abuse

Truck drivers may be under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol when they get into a trucking accident. Any substance abuse can greatly reduce their ability to remain focused and alert while driving. Even prescription medicine can put a truck driver at risk of crashing into nearby vehicles because they often make patients drowsy. 

Cellphone Usage

Texting while driving is strictly prohibited, but often broken by truck drivers. They may have been texting, watching videos, sending emails, playing games, or doing other activities that distracted them during their delivery route. While talking on the phone is not prohibited, this can serve as a distraction too. 

Aggressive Driving

In some cases, truck drivers can lash out because they are upset or impatient. They may drive in lanes not prescribed for large trucks or speed past a driver that made them upset. This reckless behavior can cause a disaster. 

Exceeding Hours of Service

Truck drivers are required to take regular breaks and can’t exceed a certain amount of hours a day, according to the FMCSA. If the truck driver doesn’t take breaks, they risk being fatigued and drowsy behind the wheel.

How Does My Attorney Hold The Truck Driver Liable For Damages?

When you seek a settlement for your damages, your attorney can make it easier for you to receive compensation sooner rather than later. Additionally, your attorney can make sure the other party treats you seriously and doesn’t decline to settle. You won’t need to file a lawsuit, thanks to your attorney. Here are some ways they can prove your settlement case: 

Police Reports

Once police show up at the scene, they’ll look for any irregularities in the drivers and note how the accident occurred. In addition to your input, the police will check the eyes and mannerisms of the truck driver to see if they are fatigued or drunk. 

Lab Tests

Police may administer breathalyzers and urine tests if they believe that the truck driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Photographic Evidence

Pictures from the crash scene can show the trajectory of the truck and how it crashed into you. It also shows how devastating the crash was. 

Medical Bills

Once you receive medical care, your medical expenses can be used as proof of how severe your wounds were.

How Do I Get Compensation For My Damages?

Your attorneys will prove that the truck driver is negligent using any of the above approaches, as well as other methods. They’ll estimate your damages accurately and negotiate a fair settlement. Contact The Law Offices of Rosenstock and Azran for a free consultation in Encino, CA. 

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