Speeding Car

Many people believe that it is normal to speed, and it is not uncommon to get into a terrifying speeding car accident because of another’s negligence. However, it can be hard to prove a speeding car accident without reliable evidence to back a settlement case. Bad speeding car accidents can result in severe, dangerous, and life-threatening crashes because the high velocity of the speeding car has a higher force and impact. The disastrous results of a speeding car crash can burden you with the high cost of damages, such as medical bills and lost wages. If you recently experienced a speeding car accident and need direction, talk to a driven lawyer who can represent your case and help you obtain fair compensation. Contact The Law Offices of Rosenstock and Azran in Reseda, CA today for a free consultation.

How Do Speeding Car Accidents Happen?

When drivers decide to break the law and speed far past the limit, they increase their chances of losing control of their vehicle. This can also limit how effective airbags, seat belts, and other safety devices are because of how fast the car is going. 

Not Yielding Or Stopping At Signs

Speeding car drivers won’t be able to slow down or stop at yield or stop signs, and can fly right past and crash into cars that have the right of way. 

Ignoring Traffic Devices

Car drivers that are breaking the speed limit often disregard red lights. Because they are speeding past an intersection, it is common for them to crash into not only one but two vehicles. 

Illegal Lane Change Maneuvers

Speeding cars have to evade all the slower cars around them. You may have seen the at-fault driver weaving through traffic and not indicating when they switch lanes. 

Intersection Collisions

Even on a green light, a driver may fly into an intersection without slowing down and slam into a car turning left or right because they could not slow down in time. 

What Are Some Ways To Prove The Other Driver Was Speeding?

After a bad car accident involving a speeding driver, many tell-tale signs prove that the other driver was going over the speed limit. Here are some ways to prove this:

Photographic Evidence

Any pictures you take of your accident can be used to prove that the other driver was speeding. For example, the impact from the other car may have left a massive dent in your car. This can implicate that the other driver is to blame because they hit you at a high speed while you are in the right of way. 

Car Black Box Data

Many modern cars have a black box installed into them that tracks data. Some of this information includes how fast a car was going before it crashed and when the brakes were used. If this information can be extracted with the help of your lawyer and the accident inspector, it can be a reliable form of proof. 

Traffic Camera Footage

There may have been a traffic camera nearby that caught the speeding driver in action. Your car accident attorney can analyze this evidence and use it to support your claim. 

Eye Witnesses

When on a busy road, there may be several eye-witnesses who have seen you crash. You can collect their contact information for your attorney to contact them later.

Driving History

In some cases, the speeding driver may have a record of past speeding tickets and other driving infractions. If there is a history of the driver constantly speeding and getting caught, your attorney can use this as supplementary evidence for your case. 

Get The Help You Need From Speeding Car Accident Lawyers

When you are dealing with terrible injuries that are due to another’s neglectful actions, you can seek the help of knowledgeable attorneys. They can provide the resources and information you need during this difficult time and take care of your settlement claim while recovering from your injuries. To find out how much you are owed in damages, speak to a well-informed attorney today. Call The Law Offices of Rosenstock and Azran in Reseda, CA now for a free consultation.