Head-On Collisions

A head-on collision is among the deadliest types of car crashes. It happens when two vehicles hit the front end of each other in a direct line. The ensuing injuries can be extensive, severe, and even fatal. Collisions occurring at higher speeds are more likely to cause an increased amount of damage. Head-on collisions can be equivalent to hitting a wall without anything to absorb the force of the impact. 

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Head on collision

Main Injuries of Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions cause victims to experience extreme impact force during the crash. This can cause their bodies to twist and jerk in many unnatural ways. Also, the strength of the crash creates the potential to be thrown against the windshield or ejected from the vehicle. Because of this, victims often sustain painful and life-changing injuries. Among them:

Blunt Force Trauma

Even when a victim is wearing a seatbelt or the airbag deploys, injuries can be extensive. The seat belt and airbag deployment force can drastically injure the chest area. The results range from broken ribs, damage to the shoulders, and trauma to the lungs, liver, spleen, diaphragm, kidneys, and other internal organs. The adrenaline rush and nature of internal injuries often causes victims to disregard their health in the belief everything is fine. This could be a life-threatening omission, and financially damaging. Always visit a doctor as soon as possible following an accident.

Broken Facial Bones

The force with which the airbag deploys may cause the face to be crushed. This can affect the eye sockets, as well as the chin, cheeks, and jawbone. Victims could be left with life-altering facial scars and pain.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

When a driver’s head hits the steering wheel with great force, the skull can become fractured. Commonly, the head can strike a door window, door frame, headrest, or be hit by an airbag. In that event, although there may not be any visible sign of injury, the force of impact may also cause the brain to collide with the inner wall of the skull causing microscopic damage, with resulting cognitive impairment. When the brain is injured in any way there is a great risk of life-changing, and even permanent damage. Dealing with a traumatic brain injury is not only difficult for the victim, but also for the family of the victim. Individuals with traumatic brain injuries often need assistance with the basic functions of daily life indefinitely. 

Spinal Cord Injuries

As vehicles collide, the spinal cord can become bent, severed, or severely compressed. Spinal discs can rupture or become herniated, and vertebrae can become damaged or cracked. Depending on the location of the injury, this can lead to pain in the extremities (arms or legs), a complete or partial loss of sensation and movement. In severe cases, victims can fail to recover from spinal injuries. 

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