Firm Overview

The world is full of law firms. But the attorneys at The Law Offices of Rosenstock and Azran are different in three ways:

  1. We represent injured parties in motor vehicle cases – everything from subcompact passenger cars to giant earth-moving machinery.
  2. We deal with catastrophic injuries and large-dollar judgments.
  3. We are an experienced law firm, and we go head-to-head against the premier law firms and the biggest insurance companies – and 99 percent of the time we win.

Success Rate + Efficiency + Dollar Amounts = Confidence

Our 30-year history as a personal injury firm in the Valley has been noteworthy for our success rate, the size of our awards, and the quickness with which insurance companies want to settle.

Clients seek us out from all over Encino & Reseda, CA. We have clients who come to us from all over California, including Ventura, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. When a lot is riding on a case, you want experience on your side.

Medical Knowledge Puts Us in a Class by Ourselves

We’re not M.D.s, but we have cross-examined more than 200 medical experts. We understand medical jargon, and speak on the same level as our own witnesses and witnesses on the other side. This knowledge is rooted in the facts of your case. Judges and juries respect that.

We Handle Clients’ Property Damage for Free

When we win for you, we will take our fee from the personal injury part of the case. We don’t take a portion of any settlement and/or awards for property damage – no matter how extensive that damage may be.

Fearless Van Nuys Car Crash Lawyers

The Law Offices of Rosenstock and Azran is respected as a firm with a “trial mentality” – aggressive California lawyers who don’t flinch at the thought of going to trial.

But we also know that trials are not how every case should go. We are as good at the arbitration table or in mediation as we are in the courtroom. We do what is best for the individual client and sometimes that means quicker is better.