Cell Phone And Texting Accidents

San Fernando Valley: Cellphones and Texting Accidents

Cellphones and driving do not mix. Even with the advent of technologies that allow for hands-free phone use in vehicles, distracted drivers are responsible for a staggering amount of car accidents and terrible injuries. If a cellphone or texting played a role in an accident that has left you suffering, you need to get in touch with an attorney dedicated to pursuing your rights.

Pursuing Justice for the Victims of Motorist Negligence

At The Law Offices of Rosenstock and Azran in Encino & Reseda, CA, we are committed to achieving justice for the victims of motor vehicle accidents throughout the San Fernando Valley. We never pass off our clients’ cases to inexperienced staff. We will work closely with you from beginning to end, fighting aggressively for the full compensation you deserve.

Is a distracted driver with a cellphone responsible for your injuries? To discuss your texting and driving accident case with an attorney in a free consultation, call 818-986-2052. We represent people injured due to cellphone use and distracted driving throughout the Valley, including those in Reseda, Van Nuys and North Hollywood.

Cellphone Use and Texting Behind the Wheel Is Illegal

Recent California laws have placed strict limits on the use of cellphones by drivers. One law requires all cellphone use to be hands-free while driving. Another law prohibits drivers from using any communication devices during their first year of driving.

There is no excuse for negligence behind the wheel, and our attorneys will work diligently to make sure that whoever is responsible for your injuries will be held fully accountable.

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