Taxi Accidents

San Fernando Valley Cab Accident Attorney

You just wanted a ride to the airport, but instead your life is changed forever. Accidents happen because drivers are in a hurry, tired, untrained or incompetent. In Southern California, they often drive in congested, accident-prone areas, where they are encouraged to drive fast and stop on a dime.

The Go-To Lawyers for Taxi Accidents

Your main recourse following an injury is to heal from it. But obtaining justice is also important, and the sooner you begin this process, the better it will go.

In taxicab accident cases, The Law Offices of Rosenstock and Azran in Encino & Reseda, CA and serving the Valley moves quickly to collect evidence and testimony, and to discover whom to hold responsible for the injury.

Uninsured Motorists Are Often at Fault, Say Attorneys

The noteworthy aspect of being injured in a taxi or shuttle is that it is not always clear whom to hold responsible. Drivers are often uninsured or underinsured. Cab companies blame accidents on their driver contractors. Commercial transport companies face constant litigation because drivers are untrained, safety mechanisms don’t work or the cab itself is in need of maintenance.

Injuries in Taxis, Shuttle Buses, Limos and Courtesy Cars

When all else fails, remember that you have the capability of filing a suit with your own insurance company, even though the injury happened in a third-party vehicle. Most people don’t realize that and insurance companies do not broadcast it. Now you know.