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Californians love boating, whether it is in their lakes or out on the Pacific. But every year there are serious accidents on the water, and many victims turn to The Law Offices of Rosenstock and Azran for representation.

If you have sustained a boating injury, you can count on our San Fernando Valley law firm for effective legal representation. Please contact an Encino & Reseda, CA lawyer for boat accidents today to set up a free consultation.

Boat Injury Happens in Every Body of Water

Boats, just like cars, sometimes crash into each other. It happens in the harbors, marinas and right here in our Pacific Ocean. Crashes involve powerboats, sailboats, fishing boats, commercial ships and even personal watercraft like Jet Skis. California has thousands of miles of coastline, and accidents that happen on the water are not uncommon.

Injuries include broken bones, spinal injuries, bad burns, even wrongful death caused by propeller lacerations, severe injuries to the head and brain, and drowning.

The Law Offices of Rosenstock and Azran is experienced at handling these kinds of claims for the people of Encino & Reseda, CA. We also file product liability cases against boat manufacturers for faulty engines, drain plugs and safety cut-offs.

Van Nuys Boating Accident Attorney

We understand boating laws and how these laws differ from their landborne equivalents. The issue of liability becomes very important on the water, where a slip-and-fall can mean falling overboard. Just as we have DUI (driving while under the influence) and reckless driving on land, so we have DUI and reckless boating on the water. Boaters are obliged to obey all these laws.

Negligence Doesn’t Take a Vacation, So Be Careful

Many young people are injured on rental watercraft, including Jet Ski-type equipment. Adults can sign safety waivers to rent equipment, but minors cannot, meaning the company renting the equipment may still be liable. Swimmers and water skiers should know that boaters are required to maintain a watchful eye to keep a distance and not run into them.

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