Bicycle Helmet Laws

California Bicycle Helmet Laws

Do you wear a helmet when you ride your bike? The law in the state of California requires an individual to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. If someone is injured by the negligence of another person and a helmet would not have reduced that injury, then the bicyclist may still be entitled to receive compensation, even if no helmet was worn.

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Analyzing Your Bicycle Accident in California

Your law firm needs to fully understand your case and the extent of the injuries suffered in your accident. At The Law Offices of Rosenstock and Azran, we have the knowledge and experience to recognize injuries where other lawyers may not, even in cases where X-rays seem normal. We have access to expert witnesses in the legal and medical communities, and use those witnesses to help derive a clear understanding of what the injury is and what it may entail for the future.

Bike Accident Victims: We Can Help

Our personal injury attorneys have been helping bike accident victims and their families in Reseda, Van Nuys, North Hollywood and the surrounding areas in California for more than 30 years. We represent people who have been harmed by the negligence of other drivers and will handle every aspect of your case. We will even talk with the insurance company about the benefits you deserve.

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